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Uplive Worldstage Press Conference Invitation

Uplive Worldstage (previously known as Singing For The World) Press Conference Invitation

Sing for the world, shine for the world, and show your shining self.

The United States, Australia, and the Philippines will jointly select the best voices of the year. Uplive will help you make your singing debut.

The production team will join hands with professional stage artists to present you with wonderful programs.

American Idol Judge Paula Abdul, Google’s Head of Strategic Planning and Branding Abigail Posner, music executives and other celebrities and influencers will join us to witness the birth of a singing champion.

Business and political celebrities will also be present at the event site along with exquisite gifts that are waiting for you.

December 7, 2021 Los Angeles, USA

Uplive press conference

We cordially invite you to join us

About Uplive

More than 230 million registered users (as of Jun. 30 2021) from over 150 countries and regions have made Uplive the largest independent video social entertainment platform globally. Launched in 2016, the video social platform rapidly expanded operations to Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, North America, Latin America, and other global hubs. Uplive allows video social hosts to broadcast to the world, sharing their talents and building connections in real time with users across the globe. Twitter recognized Uplive as one of the most influential international brands in 2019. App Annie has ranked Uplive and 2 other AIG apps among the top 10 fastest growing international apps in the social category.

Uplive is also committed to creating a professional stage for users to show their talent. It has held various talent competitions in many countries and regions around the world, including the "Singing for the World" online singing competition that discovers and selects talented artists internationally.


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