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We hereby advise you to carefully read and understand this Terms of Services (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) before registering for our Services.


In order to clarify rights and obligations of all parties, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, this agreement is specially formulated. The contents highlighted in bold underline in this Agreement are specifically reminded of your attention. Please ensure that you fully understand the terms of this Agreement. You are not authorized to register, log in or use our Services or Software (hereinafter referred to as Services, Software) unless you accept all the terms of this Agreement. Your registration, login, usage, etc. will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement and that you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Agreement, supplementary Agreements, Privacy Policy, regulative provisions or feature terms at any time by posting the amended version on our Software or within the Services without prior notice. If you do not agree to these terms or any future amended version, then you must not access, use our Services. Otherwise, your access, use of our Services shall be deemed to agree any future updated version of them.


1. Account

1) In order to use our Services, we may ask you to create an Account or allocate an Account (hereinafter referred to as Account ) to you. We can modify how your account is registered, and logged in if necessary without prior notice. If you associate your Account with your mobile number, you agree to authorize us and telecom operator to use your mobile number if applicable, and you guarantee to comply with the relevant regulations of the telecom operator.

2) Once you have an account of this Software, you are deemed to authorize us to create, allocate accounts of other software operated by us according to our actual running situation.

3) You can access, use some features of our Service only if you give us your location information. You have to provide, authorize us your GPS location if you want to access, use some features of our Service. In the event that you do not want to provide your location information, you can terminate corresponding authorization.

4) The ownership of the Account belongs to us and you only have the right to use the Account. You are forbidden to donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the Account.

5) You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Account. If you Account encounter hacking or password theft due to your improper handling, you shall hold full responsibility for. We will treat all acts performed through your Account as being performed by you. You therefore accept responsibility for all acts done using your Account. If you become aware of any actual or suspected unauthorized use of your Account or Account password, please tell us immediately. You agree not to use other users' accounts or passwords under any circumstances.

6) You shall abide by the terms of this Agreement and use the Software correctly and appropriately. If you violate any of the terms in this Agreement, we reserve the right to discontinue or terminate the Service to you.

7) If no activity is conducted by you in relation to the Account for one year, we have the right to delete or take back the account without prior notice to avoid wasting resources, and you shall take all the risks. Meanwhile, we reserve the right to delete or take back your Account and user name at any time at our sole discretion.


2. Service Scope

1) The specific Service of this Software is provided according to the actual situation, including but not limited to allowing you to live stream, watch live streams, purchase or send virtual gifts. We can modify the Services provided at any time without prior notice to you at our sole discretion.

2) You understand and agree that we are entitled to send you promotional or other relevant business information, notices via email, client, push messages, SMS, webpage or other legal means for commercial purposes. Due to the unique nature of the mobile phone network, we have the right to access your mobile phone information.


3. User Information Protection

1) In the process of registering your Account or using the Service, you may be required to fill in or submit certain necessary information, such as the identity information required by laws, regulations, and regulatory documents (hereinafter referred as to “Laws and Regulations”). If the information you submit is incomplete, inaccurate or does not comply with the Laws and Regulations, you may be unable, restricted to use our Service.

2) User information includes private information and non-private information. Private information refers to information that can be used to identify the user, including your legal name, ID number, and mobile phone number; Non-private information refers to the general information such as your performance data, information excluding private information and the above-mentioned private information that you agreed to disclose publicly.

3) In order to provide Services and improve quality of this Software, our techniques, we may collect or use your information or disclose it to third parties. For more details, please read our “Privacy Policy” carefully.

4) As our Service is based on your geographical location, you acknowledge that the geographical location is considered as non-private information. You agree to authorize us to get, use your geographic location information to provide Services provided that you access, use our Service and your geographical location information shall be open to other users as your public information . If you wish to terminate the authorization, the device setting can be changed by yourself.


4.   Content Requirements and Usage Rules

1) The Content described in this Agreement refers to any content created, uploaded, copied, published and distributed by you, including but not limited to registration information and verification details such as account avatar, name, personal description, or text, audio, pictures, videos, graphics that are sent, replied or auto-reply messages and related link pages, and other content generated while using the software.

2) You are not allowed to use this Software to produce, upload, copy and send the following Content or conduct the following behavior:

l  That threatens national security, leaks state secrets, subverts state power, damages state unity;

l  That damages national honor and profit;

l  That incites national hatred, discrimination and damages national unity;

l  That damages national religion policies, promotes cult and feudal superstition;

l  That spreads rumors, disturbs public order and damages social stability;

l  That spreads obscene, pornographic content containing sexual or sexually suggestive content;

l  That spreads gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment;

l  That insults or defames others, violates others legal rights or fraudulent;

l  That contains insulting, intimidating, or threatening content;

l  That contains harassment, spam, malicious or phishing information;

l  That disclosing or involving the privacy of others, personal information or details;

l  That infringes on the legal rights of other people's reputation, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.;

l  That harms the interests of minors in any way;

l  That stalks or otherwise harasses other users;

l  That contains false information, or steals other people's avatars or details, posts or uses others’ identity;

l  That enforces, induces other users to follow, click on the link page or share information;

l  That fabricates facts, conceals truths to mislead or deceive others;

l  That contains advertising or sales-oriented information;

l  That uses technical means to build multiple fake accounts;

l  That deletes the copyright information on this software and its copy;

l  That do reverse engineering, reverse compilation, de-compilation, or attempt to discover the source code of the software;

l  That uses, rents, lends, copies modifies, links, reproduces, compiles, issues, publishes or creates mirror sites with contents that contains intellectual property rights of this company;

l  That copies, modifies, adds, deletes, hooks, or creates any data released by us or necessary for the software, or derivatives;

l  That adds, deletes, changes the function of the software, or operates or transmits the software to the public by modifying or falsifying the instructions and data in the software, whether or not for commercial purpose;

l  That Loges in or uses the software through third-party software, hacking, plug-ins or systems that are not developed or authorized by us, or create, publish, or distribute third-party software, plug-ins, hackings, and systems that are not developed or authorized by the company;

l  That is or could reasonably be viewed as offensive, indecent or objectionable;

l  Other Contents or behaviors that in violation of laws and regulations, such as regulatory documents and policies (including jurisdiction where you reside, the Software operates, runs), or infringe lawful rights and interests of other third parties, interfere with the normal operation of the software.

3) Any Contents produced, uploaded, copied and sent by you has nothing to do with us and doesn’t reflect or represent our opinion, standpoint, policy. We shall not be liable in any way for any Content uploaded, distributed, copied, published by you, or behavior conducted by you.

4) You are solely responsible for the authenticity, legality, accuracy, validity of the information transmitted, produced, uploaded, copied, published, disseminated by you, and behaviors conducted, and performed by you. Any liability is at your own risk and has nothing to do with the software. If any damage is caused to us or third parties due to your behavior, you shall compensate losses of us or third parties, and we have the right to pursue your liability in accordance with this agreement.


5.  Third Party Products and Services

1) The Service may contain advertisements and promotions offered by third parties and you agree to display those advertisements and promotions during the course of using the Service. Unless otherwise expressly regulated by laws and regulations, you should be responsible for transactions in accordance with the advertising information, and losses in relation to the transaction. We are not liable for any responsibility, losses arising from the aforesaid transactions.

2) If you choose to use services, products provided by third party that displayed, linked on our Software, you shall comply with third party’s agreement, policy in regard with you behavior. We cannot guarantee the security, accuracy, validity of third party’s service and we are not responsible or liable for losses incurred by you arising from services, products, behavior of third party.


6.   Virtual Currency

1) You are able to purchase “virtual items,” as known as virtual diamond (change of virtual items name does not affect the validity of this agreement) with “real world” money. Unless otherwise specified, virtual items can only be used in the Software and holds no purchasing power in scenarios other than the Software.

2) Virtual items can be used to purchase value-added Services of the Software, such as rewarding hosts, playing games, etc. Specific price information, exchange rate, and usage policy will be determined by us in our sole discretion and displayed on our service interface. Unless otherwise provided hereof, virtual items may not be used for any other purposes, including unable to conduct virtual items transactions with third parties, or trading on third-party platforms other than the software platform. If you violate the foregoing requirement, we will not be liable for any loss of you or a third party, and if we reasonably suspect that your Account or usage has cheat operation or abnormal status, we reserve the right to suspend, refuse your use of virtual items, until relevant ban measures are taken as provided in this agreement.

3) You can recharge your virtual items through channels allowed by us. The exchange rate between virtual items and legal currency varies according to your purchase channel, which shall subject to the information displayed on our Software interface. We have the right to change the exchange rate in our sole discretion from time to time and will display it on our Software interface.

4) You promise to not recharge through illegal or unauthorized channel. If you violate the rules and illegally recharge, purchase virtual items, we do not guarantee that the recharge will be successful or completed. We will not compensate for your loss if your rights and interests are damaged by the above actions. We also reserve the right to terminate, restrict your Account, your right to recharge, and pursue your liabilities accordance to this Agreement.

5) Please check your account carefully before recharging. You shall bear all losses on your own due to incorrect account input, improper operation or lack of understanding of charging methods, etc., and we will not make any compensation for your losses.


7) We have right to set out or modify rules in connection with virtual items and other transaction from time to time according to various factors, including, without limitation to transaction limits, number of transactions. You understand and confirm that the above mentioned set out or modifications may cause some inconvenience to you, and that you have no objection to this.

8) We do not encourage minors to use virtual currency Services. If you are a minor, you should ask your guardian(s) to operate or operate with the expressed consent of your guardian(s). Otherwise, this virtual currency Service cannot be used.

9) You shall be responsible for losses arising from our inability to provide virtual currency Service or any issues in providing virtual items caused by the following reasons:

l  Due to loss, ban or freezing of your account;

l  That you disclose your password to others;

l  Due to faults of payment channel institution;

l  Caused by intentional or gross negligence or violation of laws and regulations of other users;

l  Other reasons caused by yourself;

10) You may receive some virtual gains in the course of using our Services, such as uCoins (changes in the virtual gains name do not affect the effectiveness of this agreement). Unless otherwise agreed between you/your agent and us, you are only allowed to use virtual gains supported by our Service according to our Policy as disclosed on our Service interface, such as exchange into virtual items. We reserve the right of final interpretation on such virtual gains and related policy terms. We have the right to adjust virtual gains policies from time to time without prior notice. You agree to be bound by the latest Policies as disclosed by us. Unless otherwise provided hereof, the virtual items cannot be used for any other purposes, including unable to conduct virtual items transactions with third parties, or trading on third-party platforms. If you violate the foregoing requirement, we will not be liable for any loss to you or a third party, and if we reasonably suspect that your Account or usage has cheat operation or abnormal status, we reserve the right to suspend, terminate your use of, deduct, virtual gains and pursue your liabilities accordance to this Agreement

11) Under the following circumstances, We reserve the right to deduct your corresponding virtual gains:

l  If the recharge of the virtual items is determined by the bank, payment channel, or court as invalid;

l  Chargeback or refund initiated by end user of this Platform is permitted subject to decision of Banks, payment gateway, courts, arbitration tribunal, or us;

l  “Real world” money used for recharge is considered illegal or improper gains, and we are required by the court and other institutions to refund ;

l Other circumstances that caused the virtual items to be returned, refund.

12) In the event of any violation of this Agreement, laws and regulations by you, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend, freeze your account and deduct the remaining virtual items and virtual gains on your account partially or wholly, and not compensate your losses, damages.

13) You acknowledge and agree that if you voluntarily cancel your account, your virtual items, virtual gains, virtual gift, game currency, etc. will be waived automatically. We will not return the corresponding cash value and will not make any compensation.


7.   Data Storage

1) We are not responsible for the deleting or storage failure of your data in this Service.

2) We can determine the maximum storage time length and storage space of your data in the Service according to various factors. You can back up the relevant data of this Service according to your own needs.

3) If you discontinue using the Service, or if the Service is terminated or ended, we can permanently delete your data from our server, and we are not obligated to return any data to you.

4) You can modify or delete your personal data, registration information and Content uploaded, distributed by you. Please note that deleting relative information will lead to delete of Contents stored in the system. You are responsible for this risk.


8.    Risk

1) You understand and agree that the Software only provides you with a platform for information sharing, transmission. You are responsible for all actions under your Account, including any content you transmit and any consequences resulted. You should personally judge the content of the software and Service and bear all risks arising from the use of the Service, including risks arising from the reliance on the correctness, completeness or usefulness of the Content. We cannot and will not be liable for any losses caused by your behavior.

2) If you find anyone who violates this agreement or uses the Service in other improper ways, please tell us immediately and we will deal with them according to this Agreement.

3) You understand and agree that we reserve the right to change, suspend, terminate, and update all or a feature of the Service in our sole discretion according to various factors without prior notice.


9.    Intellectual Property

1) You acknowledge that intellectual property rights in and relating to our Services (other than Content which is contributed and owned by advertisers) is owned by us, unless you have legally acquired intellectual property rights in the Content posted by you on our Software before using our Services.

2) Unless otherwise provided, the copyright, patent and other intellectual property rights of the Software are owned by us.

3) The copyright or trademark rights of the graphics, text or its components involved in the Service, and other Software logos and product and Service names (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Software Logo”), are owned by us. You are not allowed to display or use the Software logo in any way without our prior written consent, and you must not indicate to others that you have the right to display, use, or otherwise modify with the Software logo.

4) The above and any other intellectual property rights owned by us or related advertisers are protected by law and you are not allowed to use or create derivative works in any form without the written permission of us or the relevant advertisers.

5) Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the company and you/your agent, you own the intellectual property rights in connection with Content uploaded by you such as text, images, videos, audio, photograph, and you agree to authorize us and our affiliates a irrevocable, permanent exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, sub-licensable right to use, display and reproduce the aforesaid Content for commercial or non-commercial purposes, including but not limited to adapt, display, broadcast, rent, copy, film, translate ,or place such Content on Internet. We can choose whether to use and the usage method in our sole discretion, including but not limited to using and disseminating the above information on any platform operated by us, editing the above information, and authorize third party to use, edit, disseminate.


10.   Liability

1) In the event that we receive any complaints, claims about you from other users , we reserve the right to review, check any Contents, materials, chatting records regarding you in this Software without prior notice. if you indeed have illegal, wrongful, defaulting, tort act, we have the right in our sole discretion to take any or all of the following measures: to give a warning, to disable your ability to use some features, terminate your access to the Software, put you into blacklist, announce your default act,to deduct, withhold virtual items and virtual gains in part or in whole . If we adopt to terminate your Account, put you into blacklist, we have the right not to refund your virtual items, and gains.

2) You understand and agree that we have right to take any remedy measures, appropriate legal action against your illegal, wrongful, defaulting, tort act, and disclose relevant information to authorities in accordance with laws and regulations and you shall bear all results.

3) You understand and agree that any losses, damages, claims of third party arising out of your violation of this Agreement, shall be paid by you, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

4) You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our affiliates from and against any and all complaints, demands, claims, damages, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising out of your access to or use of the Service, your breach of this Agreement

5) We have the right to choose to apply the aforesaid remedy measures separately or collectively.


11. Force Majeure And Other Disclaimers

1) You understand and acknowledge that in the course of using the Service, you may encounter problems out of our control, which may cause the Service to be interrupted. We are not liable for any Service suspension, problems, losses out of our control and expectation, for example natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, plague epidemics and storms, and social events such as war, turmoil, government actions, etc. In the event aforesaid, we will try our best to cooperate and to repair in time.

2) We make no promises or guarantees that the Services will always safe, reliable, be available, uninterrupted, or error-free or not-delay. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, OR OTHER TERMS OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ABOUT THE SERVICES. WE DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTIES OF TITLE OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, OR OTHER TERMS OF NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, QUIET ENJOYMENT, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We do not control or manipulate actions of you and others, nor are we responsible for any of their content (whether online or offline) and any content they share (including offensive, indecent, obscene, illegal, and other contentious content).

3) Like most Internet Services, our Service may be affected by various security issues, including but not limited to internet Service quality, social environment, other software, websites you download, install, visit may contain viruses such as "Trojan horses" that threaten the security of your computer information and data, which in turn affects the normal use of the Service. You should strengthen the protection of information security and user data, and pay attention to strengthen password protection to avoid loss and harassment.

4) You understand and acknowledge that the Service has interruptions due to unavoidable issues, computer virus or hacking, system instability, your location, your shutdown, and any other technology problems, internet problems, telecom operate problems, etc. We shall not be liable for any losses caused due to the aforesaid interruptions.

5) You understand and acknowledge that there may be some misleading, deceptive, threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal information, or infringement information of the rights of others in the course of using the Service. We do not assume any responsibility for any losses of you or any third party resulting from aforesaid information or act.

6) You understand and acknowledged that we may maintain, update, and repair features or this Software on a regular or irregular basis. If the service is interrupted within a reasonable period of time due to such circumstances with prior notice, we shall not be liable for this.

7) Unless otherwise provided by law and regulation, we have rights but no obligation to handle any defaulting, tort, illegal act of third party and we cannot guarantee that the foresaid defaulting, tort, illegal act of third party shall be found, handled in times.

8) You understand and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any defects in the quality of the products or Services offered to you and any damages caused under following circumstances:

l  the products or Services provided are free;

l  the product or service is gifted to you;


10) You acknowledge and understand that there may be personal and property security and transaction dispute risks if you meet, trade with other users offline, off the platform. We are not liable for the above risks or losses, and you must bear all responsibility.


12.      Miscellaneous

1) We remind you to read this Agreement carefully, especially clauses in connection with disclaimer, risks, limitation of you rights and our liability. If you are a minor, pleases read with accompany of your guardian(s).

2) You understand and agree that other statements, rules published by us in the software are deemed to be supplemental to these rules and are an integral part of these Rules and have the same legal effect as this Agreement.

3) This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in all respects in accordance with, the laws of the United Kingdom.

4) The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not in any way affect or impair the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by competent authorities, the Parties shall use their best endeavors to agree upon a replacement provision so as to substantially effectuate the commercial purpose of the original provision.


1. 定义

1.1 在本合同中,以下条款具有以下含义:

  • “比赛”是指 Worldstage 可能通过其网站开设和运营的任何在线音乐比赛,允许任何注册用户参加比赛并有资格根据相关比赛条例规定的条款和条件获得任何奖项。

  • “比赛规则”是指不时在网站上或网站上提供的任何申请表中发布的任何规则和规则,其中规定了适用于任何比赛的条款和条件,其中包括管理参加任何比赛和相关参与的条款和条件,以及资格要求、比赛期限、任何奖项的授予规则。

  • “Worldstage”或“我们”:指由 Edvertica Sdn Bhd 创建的,注册办事处位于马来西亚,公司注册号 1231511-H

  • “Worldstage 内容”或“内容”:指所有信息、视频、图像、声音、音乐、照片、软件、时事通讯(包括旨在参与或收集任何竞赛信息并作为竞赛不可分割的一部分的有用新闻),动画、数据库、设计及其内容、标签、徽标、名称和商品名称、标记或商标、技术解决方案、图形、“外观和感觉”、结构以及已经开发或将要开发的各个方面——无论是否受版权保护或受法律保护——发布在网站上或 Worldstage 向其用户提供的与任何竞赛或其他相关的任何其他材料(以任何形式)。

  • “注册用户”——成功注册网站并提交信息以参加 Worldstage 比赛的用户。注册用户可以在网站内导航并使用其服务、创建个人资料、与社区内的其他用户互动,以及使用网站内不时提供的所有其他互动服务。

  • “站点”:指互联网站点

  • “条款和条件”:共同指网站上发布的任何条件、当前的一般条件和用户填写后的注册表,以及与任何竞赛有关的任何其他文件,包括任何竞赛规则。

  • “用户”:指使用本网站的任何人,无论是否注册,包括任何注册用户。

  • “用户内容”:指任何信息、视频、作品、图像、声音、音乐、照片、软件和所有其他材料(以任何形式),属于用户或第三方的财产,由用户或由用户制作或播放由用户(或代表用户)使用网站或离线发布或以其他方式提供的第三方,包括但不限于用户为参加任何比赛而向 Worldstage 提供的任何视频。

2. 目的

2.1 本条款和条件适用于 Worldstage 与任何用户(从现在起统称为“各方”或单独称为“一方”)之间关于任何比赛以及任何 Worldstage 内容、用户内容的关系。

3. 注册、接受、期限、一般条款和条件以及修改

3.1 任何打算参加比赛的用户必须填写注册表并提供 Worldstage 要求的信息和个人数据。

3.2 使用本网站以及申请参加任何比赛均须接受完整的条款和条件。

3.3 用户必须仔细阅读他/她在其设备上注册过程中可以看到的任何条款和条件,也可以通过相关屏幕的弹出式或超文本链接看到;用户必须通过单击标有“我接受使用条款和条件”的空格来接受这些条款和条件。

3.4 我们保留在认为必要或适当时修改、整合和/或更新网站、任何内容以及任何条款和条件、程序和/或通过网站包含和/或提供的其他材料的权利。

3.5 上述任何变更对任何已经进行的比赛或在上述变更之前已经申请比赛的任何注册用户均不产生影响。


4. 网站的可用性和世界舞台内容的提供

4.1 Worldstage 有时可以在不对用户或第三方承担任何责任的情况下:

a) 出于技术原因(例如网站或内容的维修、维护、改进或紧急情况或其他原因)暂停 Site  或任何内容;

b) 向用户提供任何内容或竞赛的完整性、安全性或质量所必需的指示。

4.2 用户应对自己的作为和不作为负责,并对任何违反条款和条件的行为负责,包括Worldstage提供的任何指示

4.3    Worldstage 不保证内容或网站的任何元素随时可用和可访问。除非本协议另有明确规定,否则对内容的任何变化导致其使用方式与现在不同,将受条款和条件的约束。 Worldstage 不保证网站和任何内容不会中断、合适或没有错误。

4.4    用户承认并接受任何 Worldstage 内容在任何时候都是按“原样”和“可用”的基础提供的,并且 Worldstage 不假设对内容的准时性、永久性、取消、失败交付或记忆或用户进行的任何通信或个性化的任何责任。

4.5   任何用户应对注册时提供的信息和个人数据的有效性负责。注册用户必须立即通知 Worldstage 在注册时提供的信息和个人数据的任何更改,并在可能的情况下直接提供任何新的更新,以便此类信息和个人数据始终是最新的、准确的,完整而真实。如果提供了虚假信息或个人数据,或者 Worldstage 怀疑提供了不准确或不完整的虚假信息或个人数据,Worldstage 有权阻止内容的使用或参与对相关注册用户的任何竞争。


5. 用户对网站和任何内容的使用

5.1 网站、内容以及任何竞赛的参与均仅供用户个人使用。用户不得向任何第三方复制、出售或试图出售任何此类内容或网站的任何部分或结构,其中包括内容,或任何相关功能。用户不得使用本网站或任何内容进行商业活动,也不得用于任何专业或商业目的,包括通过本网站提供的商品、服务或产品的发布、促销、放置或任何其他形式的商业化。

5.2 用户不得利用或使用网站或任何内容损害 Worldstage。特别是,用户有义务避免使用或利用本网站或内容进行与 Worldstage 竞争的活动,或损害或诋毁 Worldstage、其他用户或第三方的利益、经济利益或形象一般来说。

5.3 用户负责创建和发布任何用户的内容。用户保证用户的内容是并且将保持准确,并且不会包含任何信息或材料,其任何部分、访问、使用或发布均不构成刑事犯罪、违法或以任何方式侵犯了第三方的权利。特别是,用户保证已正确获得所有必要的同意、授权或任何性质的许可,包括但不限于对与用户内容相关的作者权利的同意。

5.4 用户保证他将遵守任何有关版权保护以及消费者权利或消费者保护的立法,以及主管当局发布的适用于用户的任何其他指示、法规、法律规定或指令以及关于用户内容的发布。 

5.5 Worldstage 不对用户或任何第三方通过网站发送、传播、上传或下载的与任何竞赛或其他相关的个人数据、用户内容或其他内容承担任何责任。用户是对其上传、下载、发布、发送或以任何其他方式通过本网站和/或与任何竞赛相关的任何内容传播的唯一且排他的人。

5.6 用户同意 Worldstage 有权记住用户的内容并将其提供给第三方(如陪审团成员),以用于与该用户作为一方的任何竞争的目的,或者当这有助于或有必要履行时法律要求或尊重公共当局(包括司法当局)发布的命令;为了对此类内容侵犯第三方权利的争议提出质疑;或根据法律和本条款和条件保护 Worldstage 或其他用户的权利。

5.7 本网站和用户可能会提供指向其他网站或网络资源的链接。用户证明并同意,Worldstage 不能以任何方式被视为直接或间接对此类网站或资源的内容负责,因此也不会对用户或第三方因此类网站或资源而遭受的任何损害负责。

5.8 作为一般规则,Worldstage 不对用户的内容或网站上发布的任何内容或其他内容进行任何控制或监视。尽管如此,Worldstage 保留在不事先通知的情况下不发布或从网站上删除其所知的任何用户内容以及第三方发布的构成或可能构成违反本协议的任何其他内容的权利。条款和条件,根据强制性法律规定或第三方权利,或只要 Worldstage 真诚地认为此类信息或内容构成违反这些条款和条件或法律


根据上述规定,如果用户的内容是非法的或以任何方式违反强制性法律规定或第三方的权利,Worldstage 将不承担任何责任,除非 Worldstage 已经知道此类用户的内容并且不立即进行删除或阻止访问它。


6. 参加比赛




7. 知识产权

7.1 关于网站、内容和一般任何竞赛的知识产权和工业产权(包括经济和专有技术权利)是并且仍然是 Worldstage(或其许可方,如适用)的专有财产。

7.2 明确禁止用户复制、修改、创建源自或基于本网站、内容或任何竞赛的产品、服务或作品。明确禁止用户下载、复制、复制、复制、使用或传播与 Worldstage 相关的任何标签、商业名称、徽标、表意文字或其他显着标志。

7.2用户被明确禁止组织源自或基于网站、内容或任何竞赛的活动,除非 Worldstage 提供了许可形式,或通过任何形式的书面或数字同意。_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


8. 用户和第三方权利

8.1 用户声明并保证他是并且将是与用户内容的使用和发布相关的所有权利的所有者,并且用户能够并且将根据本条款和条件的条款使用这些权利。用户声明并保证: (a) 不会有第三方的权利或索赔或任何其他形式的任何形式的阻碍用户内容在网站上或比赛中的发布和传播; (b) 用户的内容及其发布均不以任何方式违反强制性法律规定或第三方的权利。

8.2 因此,用户将承担责任并保护 Worldstage 免受因威胁或未决行动而导致的任何可能的损害、费用或费用;第三方要求 Worldstage 对违反强制性法律规定或第三方权利的行为进行赔偿。用户向 Worldstage 授予免费和非独占许可,允许 Worldstage 在网站上复制、发布和可视化用户的内容。用户承认并接受 Worldstage 没有义务发布用户的内容,并且 Worldstage 可以选择不对其他用户对网站的使用进行任何检查。


9. 违反条款和条件

9.1 Worldstage 可以决定将任何用户排除在任何比赛之外,如果用户严重违反无法补救的当前条款和条件(或者,如果可以补救,用户未能在 Worldstage 通知的补救期限内补救) );如果有必要(i)遵守法律或公共当局依法规定的规定,Worldstage 还有权暂停任何用户参加任何比赛; (ii) 防止或制止任何违反本合同或法律的行为,根据本合同的条款维护自己的权利,或保护自己免受声称侵犯其权利的第三方的争议; (iii) 保护 Worldstage 的权利或第三方的权利。

9.2 用户同意支付最高 100,000 美元的赔偿,如果用户评论违反现有 (7.) 无法补救的知识产权(或者,如果可以补救,则用户最终在补救范围内进行补救) Worldstage 通知的期限)。

10. 隐私

10.1 用户同意,Worldstage 将根据  处理他在注册时以及在使用本网站时的任何其他时间传达的个人数据隐私信息 在网站上发布并符合不时生效的 2010 年马来西亚个人数据保护法 (PDPA)。

10.2 Worldstage 将保护用户提供的任何识别数据的隐私,并且不会将此数据提供给任何第三方,除非法律要求。 Worldstage 保留将此类数据传输给也对此类数据的隐私承担责任并被授权执行与本条款和条件或任何竞赛相关的服务的其他方的权利。

用户同样认识到 Worldstage 处理他的个人数据和其他用户内容可能是必要的:

(a) 发送或接收数据;

(b) 承担本网站或任何竞赛的规划或编程职能,并开展与任何竞赛的表现和运营相关的活动;

(c) 遵守网络或互联网连接的技术规范。

10.3 应用户要求,Worldstage 将在必要的技术时间范围内,按照用户的要求及时取消用户的任何个人资料,无需提前通知或连续确认。用户要求删除 Worldstage 履行其在本条款和条件下的义务所必需的个人数据的请求,将构成退出用户作为一方的任何相关比赛的通知。

10.4 用户(或代表用户)使用本网站或与任何竞赛相关的任何用户内容将由 Worldstage 保留用于与参与相关竞赛严格相关的目的,期限为不超过收集或连续使用它们的目的所需的时间。



11.1 条款和条件应被解释和适用,并受马来西亚法律约束。因解释和执行条款和条件而产生的任何争议,包括但不限于与用户使用本网站或参与任何竞赛 相关的争议,将提交专属管辖权马来西亚法院。

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