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I'm Ancel Marcuz Portas, you can call me Babs for short.
I'm really passionate in singing. I do gigs and stuff before, but pandemic hits, so Uplive really helps me a lot and I'm happy I discover Uplive. I met so many friends and mentors here, they make me feel that I'm welcome here in Uplive and also guided me in singing. So they told me to join the Worldstage Superslam in the month of April. They always push here in the contest and they believe in my talent so I pursue and achieve the title Legends and I'm really happy about it because of them.

For this opportunity as a part of the Legends family i want to expand and share my knowledge and pursue others.
Always believe in yourself no matter what.

在 Uplive 上直播我:

8:00 - 10:00 pm PHT

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