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Jing Jing joined Uplive since 9 Feb 2021 and live streams every working days about 9pm Malaysian / Philippines time aside from her full time job during the day. Her singing journey started when she was 8 years old. Her first attempt in a singing competition, she did not realize it was a competition until she won a trophy!

Her teacher noticed her talent and send her to join the a choir and gave her vocal training. Since then, she has represented her school and class to compete and perform in many choir / singing competitions.

Unfortunately, after Jing Jing graduated college, she stopped singing as she has to pursue another career rendering her 10 years without singing or performing.

However, thanks to Uplive, it brought her back to her passion in singing again. She competed in the Uplive Worldstage and finished 3rd runner up in Oct 2021, emerging as a Worldstage Legend.

She is motivated to keep it up and continue chasing her passion with the support of her viewers!

在 Uplive 上直播我:

10PM-3AM Philippines time, Everyday

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