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(V2.0) WDB November'21 Quarter Finals Match Fixture


Timing has changed for the following individuals. Please check timing again below : -

  • 🚀𝕃𝕚𝕝𝔹𝕝𝕦𝕖🚀三哥 / Lil_blue / USA

  • 🅴🄿🅸🄲♚IGIBIRD⚜️ / pedernalluigi / PH

Here's WDB Match Fixture for November Quarter Finals version 2.0!

Download PDF version here :

Download PDF • 199KB

2. Your Contestant Profile will be updated at the Leaderboard

Quarter Finals Guidelines:

  • Contestants will be assigned an opponent by Random for a 1 vs 1 knockout battle.

  • Contestants will take turns to battle with their opponent at allocated time.

  • Judges will cast their votes to player whom they think has the better and more entertaining & skillful performance.

  • Each judge has 1 vote.

  • 2 minutes will be given to each Contestants for Audience to send Ucoins support (Fan Vote) to their favourite performer.

  • Whoever has the higher Fan Vote between 2 contestants will get +2 extra votes.

  • Player with the higher total vote count will move on to the next round. The other gets knocked out.

  • Should there be a draw in vote counts, 2 minute timer will be restart for uCoin support. Judge votes will no longer count. Contestant with the higher uCoin support will proceed to the next round.

Note :

  • Wrong drops will not be calculated in.

  • Stream gift sharing : 50%

Watch the Dance Battle Audition Rewinds here



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