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Kim is a dancer / choreographer & tiktok influencer
He discovered his dancing skills at the age of 8. His mother taught him to dance and advised him to participate in a diff. dance contest. He continued dancing as a member of a theater arts performing group when he was in high school. Former president of his College Dance Troup.

Because of his passion for dancing, he made diff. dance challenges and dance trends on tiktok and now he has become a tiktok influencer since the year 2020 with a million followers (@kimshymoves). Kim believed that "if you work hard for it, you will get there". Some of his dancing influences are Chris Brown, Melvin Timtim, Kida the Great, Mastermind and Upeepz.
His favorite dancing styles are Hiphop, Krump, Urban Lyrical, and Dance Hall.

Join Uplive September 2021, Uplive PH Tiktok Battle Royale Grand Champion, Manager of Dragon Artists Agency

在 Uplive 上直播我:

1PM Onwards PHT

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