"The Largest Online
Singing Competition"
Previously known as Singing For The World
with your mentor

Paula Abdul



2 Lucky Winners
in Cash Prizes


Judges Choice Award
Viewers Choice Award
  • WIN $5000 Cash Prize! 
  • Invitation to Perform at New York Fashion Show 2022! 
  • One lucky winner will work with a Grammy Nominated Producer to record an original song and music video! 
Zandy Storm ,  Season 1 Winner
'Only Up From Here' Produced by Uplive and Grammy Nominated Producer Chris Rosa with FireRing Records 
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  • Event starts on 7th December 2021
  • Download the Uplive livestream app
  • Sign up below.
  • Go live and collect fan votes by having your fans and family gift you the contest gifts
  • Ranking is based on the amount of gifts you collect.
    Share your lives on social media and tag @Uplive.USA with hashtag
  • 5 contestants with most social engagement will be awarded extra votes
  • Look out for announcements for Worldstage Livehouse, PK, and 9-Chair Party.
  • These activities are there to boost your rank and exposure.
  • Top 30 contestants are invited to the FINALS on Jan 23, 2022
  • The Grand Finals will be conducted on Uplive in a Livehouse (Scheduled back-to-back performance) Format. 
  • Judges will determine the next CHAMPION!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to participate in the singing competition?

No. It’s free to join. Participants just need to download Uplive, go live and collect event gifts to compete.

Do people have to gift money to elevate my chances of winning?

They have to send you the event gifts to help you win. They need to spend money to purchase the event gifts.

What do I get if I win?

Champion gets 5000 dollars, a song and a music video produced by a Grammy nominated producer. Invitation to perform at New York fashion show. A record deal with a label company. Being promoted worldwide.

How do I get to be in the Top Ten?

Go live daily and share as much as you can. Ask your friends and family to watch your live and send you event gifts. Look out for PK(head to head), livehouse and 9-chair party opportunities - these events are featured on the global hotlist, you’ll be performing in front of a large audience online. Judges will be present at these events, they may send judge’s gifts to boost your rank.

How much time would I get with Paula?

Paula will judge the finals in a 9 chair party. Duration 1 hour. 10 finalists. Each sings one song. She will comment on every performance for 1-2 minutes. In addition, she might hold a mentorship session(also a 9 chair party) during the preliminary. 10-15 contestants will be invited. Contestants can ask questions at any time during the one hour session.