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Uplive 6th Anniversary - Chapter 4 Winter

Earn rewards for #UpliveBirthday Anniversary Finale!

Event Period: 7/22 - 7/31

[How to participate] Collect & send 10 types of event gifts during event period to win rewards!

Top 5 host with at least 65k total points will be rewarded with up to 8% of total uCoins collected via event gifts. Top rookie host (registered after 6/1/2022) with at least 8k total uCoins collected will be rewarded with 1% of total uCoins collected via event gifts. Top 3 gifters with at least 10k total points sent via event gifts will win Uplive 6th Anniversary badge, profile frame, & mini bio card.

#UpliveBirthday Shorts Uplive is now 6 years old! Join us to celebrate & party by posting short videos of you using the Uplive 6th anniversary exclusive prop with #UpliveBirthday in caption to claim a 6th Anniversary Winter profile frame.

Cake Draw Spend 💎 or gain free draws from completing missions to draw high value rewards from cakes during the Uplive 6th anniversary gala event (7/1 ~ 7/31).

Events Gifts: Stream Gifts

「Snow Crown」520💎/uCoins/Points

「Snowy Ice Cream」1314💎/uCoins/Points

「Frozen Swan Lake」6666💎/uCoins/Points 「Ice Castle」18000💎/uCoins/Points Lucky Gifts

「Lucky Ice Cream」80💎/8 uCoins/8 Points

「Lucky Snowman」500💎/50 uCoins/50 Points

「Lucky Crystal」800💎/80 uCoins/80 Points

「Lucky Ice Planet」1200💎/110 uCoins/110 Points

(Host gets 10% uCoins from lucky gifts, the remaining 90% are added to the event prize pool)

Special Gifts

「Surprise Animated Bundle」40💎/Points

(70% share for hosts, the remaining 30% i used for event page rewards)

「Anniversary Dress-UP Bundle」780💎/388 uCoins/780 Points

One of following 4 gifts will pop out randomly:

「Beautiful Veil」388💎/780 Points 「Mystery Veil」388💎/780 Points

「Princess Wreath」388💎/780 Points

「Phoenix Crown」388💎/780 Points

(Send this gift to gain a cake draw chance)

Do not hesitate to contact @Jin_mg on Telegram for any further questions!


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